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pullipsuk's Journal

Pullips UK
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Welcome to PullipUK! Please read the rules before you post

- No advertising over communities UNLESS you have asked the owner/moderator permission and willing to exchange banners as affliation.
- Please be careful when posting photos. 1 photo shown and others behind a cut. The one outside a cut must be no bigger than 400 by 800 and be no more than 1MB.
- Sells Posts are okay and can be Pullip items such as toys, accessories, wigs, eyes, custom work or just dolls in general. Please post a link of a past good sale or Ebay Feedback as proof that you are not a fraud.
- If a member of this community has taken money from you and not given the item you paid for please remember to email them about it and if you have no replies then email the owner/moderator here as we do not like frauds.

Who can join?
You don't have to be living in the UK but this place is mainly for brits. If you are willing to sell to brits or wish to make friends with british Pullip fans you can happily join still :)

Contact Details
Any questions or problems about THE COMMUNITY ONLY then email mewski at mewski@gmail.com with subject "PullipUK" in it somewhere. Thanks! ^_^