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05 February 2012 @ 01:37 pm
Cornice and Lan for SALE!!  
I'm selling the following Pullips:

Comes with clothes and a black bunny doll.
Sorry for the bad picture T_T the hat is to the side ^^ (my mom took the picture for me !||º_º||!
13.000 yens (shipping included) = 169 usd/129 euro

She has no scratches and no marks. It's inside a closed shelf and as new.
I don't have the box any more but can include the trading card.

Comes with outfit, small doll you can see at the bottom of the picture and a wooden bird cage
15.000 yens (shipping included) = 200 usd/150 euro

I have feedback both on my LJ page and on egl_sales so please check it ^^
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